November 15, 2004

Christmas is coming…

I am pretty much done with the Country Market bag I am making for my mom. I just need to find a nice solid color for the handles. Once I get the right shade of brown, I can finish that bag right up. I really need to finish the bags I am making for my nieces. Well I really only have one bag left to complete. Once it is done then I need to buy snaps for 2 of them. I have no idea where to find the snaps and how to sew them onto my project but hopefully it won't be too hard. Now I just need to purchase the pattern for the purse I will be making my mother-in-law. B is really funny and excited about picking out the yarn for his mom's purse. I also need to figure out what to make my 2 sister-in-laws. I am thinking of making them bags as well, but have not really decided yet on a pattern. I have one I would love to make but I believe it would take too long to complete. So in my searching I cam across this bag. What do you think?

On the other hand, I just found this one. This one looks good too.

Which bag do you like better?

Do any of you crafters have an idea of what I could make? Any good pattern sites?

As for the others in my family (namely all the boys) I believe I will be buying their presents. I may finish a blanket I started either one to two years ago for my two year old nephew (shhhh don't tell him). I almost have it finished one year for Christmas but it is crocheted differently (from one tip to the other instead of in a straight row) and I had found out at the last moment that it was not the perfect square it was supposed to be on the second half and so I just gave up on it. I may pick it back up and finish it (if I can find the pattern that is). I have less than 40 days so I need to get busy. I have a blanket almost finished that I have been working on for awhile but I promised B that we would keep that one since it is the first thing I have ever made for us. Maybe if I can find a very quick (like in a weekend) afghan pattern I can make for gifts.

Well I had better get back to cleaning. B and I are going out to look at vacuum cleaners tonight. I am so excited! What a thing to get excited about right? Well the vacuum we currently have does not work and I so want to vacuum this floor. Any suggestions on what we should get? I know we would love a Dyson (the purple animal one) but there is also the Hoover Empower and the Dust Devil.


  1. I love the bag that is the tan and white one with the hat that matches. Where did you get that patten? I am into making bags. I love them. Check out my blog at along with my web pic that have a link at the bottom of the page.

  2. This is a great vacuum!It actually works and is practically like having another pet, hehe. =)

    Great blog btw!

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