November 3, 2004

Excited and Antsy

I am excited. Yesterday I purchased 2 purse/bag patterns online. I got them this morning and I so want to go and buy some yarn! I almost went to buy some yarn last night without the pattern but I am glad I didn't as I will need a lot more yarn than I thought. LOL! I am trying to decide if I want to chance going to Michaels (since I am buying LionsBrand Homespun yarn - I love working with Homespun yarn!and they do have a good selection) or trying the yarn store here in town. I guess it depends on if I want to drive over 45 min. to get to the yarn store. I think I may call ahead and ask about pricing and what they carry so that I will be prepared. It will be hard to just buy the yarn for one project at a time. I think if I do that it will keep me sane. I have way too much yarn (not as much as some people but too much for me) that is just sitting around because I never got to the project I wanted to do. Oh I think I will spend my lunch hour checking out the colors of the homespun yarn. They do have the colors online right? It will be hard not to go out tonight after work to buy what I need but tonight is good t.v. night. It is the only night I watch something so unless I can get B to tape my show I am going straight home after work.

Update: Blogger is such a pain today. But it is free so I should not complain. I am looking at the LionsBrand yarn and was so wanting to use the Homespun but that is not wool and from what I am reading it will not felt. Now I do not know where to buy my yarn as Michaels does not have the Landscapes yarn. Landscapes does not have the same pretty colors as the Homespun. Bummer. In order to felt does the wool content need to be at least 50%? I think I am heading to the yarn store this week. I just called and asked 'do you have yarn that I can felt with' and the response was 'Yes. Lots and lots and lots...' Now I am doubly excited!


  1. Sorry I can't offer any advice on felting! It's on my list, but I haven't gotten to it yet. :) Have fun at the yarn store!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I went to the yarn store and was completely overwhelmed. I am sure I will eventually go back but not anytime soon. I did however get to see an actual felted bag while I was there so now I know exactly what felting is. LOL!

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