November 29, 2004

Christmas Projects (OH BOY!)

Christmas is almost here. I need to get busy on the gifts. I don't think I have realized how many gifts I plan to make and how many are completed. I figure if I write it all down I may come to realize that time is getting short.

My Christmas Projects/Present list (updated 12/23) :

Heart purse for Niece #3 (N) - DONE
GameBoy holder #1 for Niece #2 (J) - Just need a snap button and to weave in ends - bought the snap button and need to sew it on.
GameBoy holder #2 for Niece #1 (B) - 80% done
Niece #4 (M) - Gift purchased 12/06 - DONE

Country Market Felted Bag for Mom - 75% done (just need to crochet handle and felt)
Afghan for Mom-in-law - DONE
Tote bag #1 for Sis-in law - DONE

Tote bag #2 for Sis-in-law - I have made a good start - give me a few more hours and I will be done.

Brother - buying gift
Brother-in-law - DONE
Father-in-law - DONE
Dad - DONE
Nephew #1 - DONE
Nephew #2 - DONE and wrapped - just need a bow

baby blanket for Nephew #3? (50%) or toy animal (0%)
twin #1 - Gift purchased 12/06 - DONE
twin #2 - Gift purchased 12/06 - DONE

I am thinking I need to start wrapping completed presents and put them somewhere other than my table. I am thinking I need to weave in all extra ends and not save until the last day. I am thinking now that I have a list that I may not have time to make everything. I am starting to panic! But will I let DH know? NOPE! I am super Christmas Present Buying Wife!!!!


  1. Wow, your are so organzied. I haven't made a gift yet. I'll probably just give away things that I've made over the year although my sisters want hats to match the scarves I made them last year.

    Would like to see your Country Market bag when you're done. I made another one in pinks this time.

    Vera's Crafty Blog

  2. I am sooo trying not to panic while trying to get all mine presents made. My list isn't even half as long as yours!

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