November 27, 2004

Here I am

Either I am really lazy or my life is really boring. I took Wednesday off because it was day before Thanksgiving and I really did not want to be at work. I cannot remember what I did on Wednesday but I am sure it was not much.

For Thanksgiving Day, B and I went to eat at my parents' house. Thanksgiving has always been at my parents. I am so used to having all my cousins there and there being no place to sit. Now that I am older (and my cousins too) there are less and less people there. It is just the way things go as my cousins have their own families so my aunts/uncles have their kids over to their place. This year we had a small group. Only 31 people this year. It was pretty quiet. My one uncle who is the life of the party was not there this year since him and my aunt were not well. They were missed. I got a huge surprise that made my day. My one nephew is 'different' as my mom's says. Everyone in my family is used to being passed around as a child and used to tons of people. Well my one nephew takes forever to even warm up to immediate family. He doesn't speak (a whole other story) and likes to just stare at everyone. My surprise is that I walked in the room and the first thing I hear is him say 'HI' with a big smile. Then when I walked over to pick him up, he let me. Big surprise since he usually acts like Stewart from Mad TV. Well the whine and the pulling away part of the character. He is only two and instead of being a brat, he would rather sit and watch. I guess that is a good thing. That day he would only let me and my Dad hold him. Not even my brother (his dad) got to hold him. Life is good. After a couple of hours at my parents, we went to the in-laws and watched a movie. All in all, it was a good day.

On Friday, B and I went to Target and bought a vacuum cleaner. Is it silly to get giddy about a new vacuum cleaner? This thing is good. We live in an apartment with really old carpet. It is so old it is flat and no matter how much we vacuumed with our old icky vacuum it stayed flat. The only time I could get it to fluff up was when I steam cleaned it and then it only stayed that way for a day or two. Last night I vacuumed the living room and the carpet looks new! Well that is if you don't pay attention to the stains. J We also watch the new Harry Potter movie. I liked it.

Now today is Saturday. I had hoped that B would go somewhere so I could be alone to clean and yet when he was getting ready to leave, I end up wondering why I get feelings of being left out. I mean why should I be upset if he goes out – especially if I want him to go out so I get some time to myself. So I am actually in the middle of vacuuming the stairs. I came upstairs for the duster and found myself on the computer. It was not as if it were already on. I turned it on, waited for it to go online and I am still here. LOL!

On a very good note, I have finished Christmas present # 5, the afghan for my mother-in-law. I just have to hide all the little ends. I started Christmas present #6 last night and it is working up very quickly. I wish I had a digital to share but pictures will have to wait until I develop the ones of my finished projects.

Darn B is back home and it has only been 30 min.

Update: Okay scratch that.......he left again. Now I really get back to cleaning.

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