November 6, 2004

Posting on a Saturday

So Friday I put in Raising Helen. Of course, B comes home right in the middle so off went the TV. I still have not finished watching it and I hope that he does go out with the guys tonight so I can. We did watch Soul Plane this morning. Another dumb movie but it did make us laugh.

I woke up today to an overcast sky. No blue anywhere. Because of this, I am in a blah mood and cannot decide what I want to do. B is downstairs playing his X-Men game and I am upstairs at the computer. Either I can finish Christmas present #3 (which I don't feel like doing), I can start Christmas present #4 - Country Market Felted Bag (which I don't want to do upstairs with nothing to look at while I crochet), or I can read Metro Girl. I am a few chapters into this book and I love it! I am worried if I get started reading it my day will just fly by and it will make me want to take a nap. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is read however, it is not yet raining. I was surfing on BlogExplosion but one of the sites tried to download an .exe to my system so I think I am done with them for now.

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