November 11, 2004

Work Woes

In my job we require 2 forms of identification in order to make personal changes to an account. We have a listing of what we will accept. Why is it that the troublemakers like to send everything but what we accept. Why do people like to think that what we require does not apply to them?

For personal identification we require one of the following:

* drivers license
* passport
* military ID
* notarized document with your name and address

We need to verify that the address on their personal id matches our files. So yesterday I get a request that has a college id. The only info on this id is the college name (not even in the same state as the business) and a photo. There is no address on the id which is what we need the personal id for. So I sent this customer an email stating that what he/she sent was not sufficient and that we need one of the options from our list. This customer then called and told us that he/she did not have a drivers license because he/she was not old enough. Now I ask can you be the accountant manager/bookkeeper for a company and still be in high school yet have a college id? I also got to thinking that if this person is under 18 years of age there is no way I would make the requested changes as they would not be liable. Later I got an email response from him/her. This is what he/she wrote which I edited out the cussing etc:

"I do not have my drivers license right now. I lost it last week. My school ID should be sufficient! "

Now please tell me which lie he/she has told today is real?

Then I get customers that do not want to send the business identification we require. This identification is needed so that we can match the company name and address. This also tells us that if the customer has access to this information then they must be legit. Below is what we require. Customer just needs to send in one of the following:

*company utility bill
*company phone bill
*company business license

What we usually get:

* Envelopes with the address on them (now come on you can get this just by breaking into a mail box)
* Business cards (okay - anyone can get a business card printed)
* Demands telling me to go to a website to verify who they are (again...anyone can have a website)

Many customers like to give threats that they will no longer do business with our company if we require them to send in two forms of id.

Then there are the customers that make a big deal that they will not send the utility bill because they are afraid of credit fraud yet these are the same customers that send us a very legible copy of their credit card!

Then we get the over achievers. They send one of everything we request with some extra documents thrown in.

So that is basically what I have to put up with during the main part of my work day. Thanks for reading.


  1. I have to admit...I'm the type that sends one of everything. When I went to get a driver's license in the state of VA, I took one of every darn thing on the list. Two if I had 'em. LOL I prefer to do it that way JUST IN CASE. I hate, hate, hate having to do things three times because some place SAYS they'll take a state-issued ID card, but they don't really MEAN they'll take a state-issued ID card. Call me paranoid.

  2. No. Not paranoid at all. I actually prefer when I get sent everything. That way I know there has to be something there that we can use and changes get made oh so much quicker. I must admit that I personally like to have everything too. *Ü*

    I think it is mostly the complainers or the ones that demand us to expedite but yet refuse to send info that bother me the most.

    Thanks for commenting.

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