November 2, 2004

Ho Hum

Sorry. Nothing interesting to report. Well I guess turning the heat on today in the apartment is big news. It has been very cold and they finally (after 3 weeks) turned on the heat. It will be very nice when I go to sleep tonight. No more turning on the oven to warm the place. I also bought a couple of crochet patterns online but have not received them yet. I am anxious to get them so I can buy yarn and get started.

Each time I try to write an update I would get distracted. I guess that tells me not to try to write my update while at work. We are still down 3 people and were quite busy. On Monday we did not have a closer so I stayed an extra hour. I was at work from 7am to 7pm. Talk about exhausted. Then when I got home I ran to Target and then finally ate dinner. Today I left work 3 hours early since I had to vote. My work gives us 3 hours and so I took the 3 hours. I had to drive to the opposite end of town where I am registered since I have never changed from when I was 18. I got right in and did not have to wait. There were more voting booths this year. One thing I found interesting is that there was a boy in high school running to be on the board for the school district. He was on the ballot - not a write in. It will be interesting to see if he wins. Another interesting thing I think about. What will happen to all the political blogs?

After voting I stopped to visit my mom and nephew #1. Nephew #1 has another dog. He does not have good luck with dogs. It is not his fault but the fault of others. I got him a cat a couple of years ago and that cat is sticking around and is the best pet. Well now he has a baby golden retriever. This is the cutest puppy and oh so tiny. I really need to get a photo soon. I am hoping that this dog ends up to be a keeper.

I then came home (stopped off at KFC on the way). I ate dinner and then ran to Walgreens where one girl made me wait for my RX because she did not believe I had insurance (even though they have sold me my RX for the last 2 months using my new insurance). Then she tells me that even if I had my card it would not work because their systems were down. Now every time I go to this new Walgreens their system seems to be down. I do not know why she did not just say this to begin with and not make it seem as if my insurance was no longer. She didn't even offer to help. She just said 'come back tomorrow' or 'pay full price'. Now this is why I have insurance. So that I only have to pay $10.00 and not $50.00. This girl could not understand. I made a fuss as that is not acceptable to me. Then another girl came in and did not see what the problem was. So the new girl says 'oh I can call the insurance company. No problem'. Well duh why didn't the first girl want to do that! So she calls and lo and behold I have insurance. Duh. So they give me my RX and I finally got to go home and here I am on the computer even though I already spent my entire day on the computer.

Maybe tomorrow I will have the update that I want to send.

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