March 1, 2007

Another day down

I spent most of the morning at the dentist. I went in for an exam and ended up getting a cavity filled. Now my mouth hurts! I get to go back tomorrow and get a cleaning. The dental office is so cool with trying to fit me in this next week to get my teeth taken care of. B has been going to this dentist for years but this was my first visit. It is in a fancy office complex (we are talking glass walls/doors and marble floors) and I felt a bit under dressed in my jeans and sweater.

I am trying to get as many appointments as I can before my benefits run out. I have a feeling that I won’t make it to the regular doctor. It will be so expensive to get my teeth fixed that I may just concentrate on getting as much done as possible. I still have not decided.

Yesterday ended well. I helped my friend pack up her stuff and then we all met for breakfast/lunch. I also watched “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Have you seen it?

I really liked it. I am SO glad my family is NOT like that!

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