March 19, 2007

This one is going to France

I finished another card.

This one is going to my sister, in France. So ummm, Z, if you are reading this. Stop one sentence before and close your eyes, QUICK! LOL!

I find it weird that my cards are so cutesy looking. It makes me wonder about my scrapping style. Are they the same? Are my pages “cute”? Is that weird? Do people like "cute"?

I told myself that I would ONLY use left over products on these cards. Since I have not scrapped in awhile, all I have “leftover” at the moment is cardstock. Plus, if the cards are flat I don’t have to worry about mailing them. I guess I just wonder if they are boring.

Today was just another day of things not really working out as planned. I was supposed to have a training class at Job Services at 8:30am but when I got there, I was told that I had the wrong location, even though my paper had the location I have been going to all along. I guess this class was scheduled and the trainer was never told. The trainer came up to tell me that I had to drive to another location on the other side of town and beg them to let me in since they do not allow latecomers. I decided instead to just skip it. I did not have the gas or time to waste driving all over town, I need a job and I am tired of all these classes. So instead, I paged my Uncle and now I have a clearer view of what I need to do. I still don’t know if I will be going to school or looking at On-the-job training but at least I kind of know where to start.

Then I went to pick up my new glasses. They took forever to arrive and then they were not even correct. I was supposed to get the Transition lenses but I ended up with the regular lenses. Also, they are Burgundy in color and I just don’t know if I like them. I found out AFTER I purchased them that you could change the color. I have worn glasses since I was in high school and NEVER knew you could change the color of the glasses you order.

Oh….and Cairo found a new friend. NOT!

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  1. First off, don't sweat what's in. Just do your thang, girlfriend! :) Secondly, (and totally contradicting the last statement) cute is totally back in. Like doodles and stuff? Totally.
    Third, the card is awesome. It's very cool cute. I like.

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