March 22, 2007

My LOST theory

All I can say about last night’s LOST is OH. MY. GOSH!!!!

I knew that we would probably find out about how Locke ended up in the wheelchair but I sure was not expecting it to happen the way that it did. The entire episode had me screaming. What I really liked about it was that I actually enjoyed watching it.

I do have some theories about it though. Like when Ben said, he would let the prisoners go as soon as Jack was off the island. Well…..since Jack will not be off the island anytime soon, I have a feeling that the prisoners may be having an extended stay in the company of the OTHERS.

But, the one major theory that I need some help with is this:

A lot was mentioned about Ben being stuck in the wheelchair while Locke was free to walk around. Ben does not heal as quickly as other people. I have read before on some message boards that Ben has not healed that quickly in the past (for example when he was beaten) when the other survivors, such as Sawyer (when he was shot) mended extremely fast. Locke did bring up the question, how DID Ben end up in the wheelchair?

My thought is this…..Is Ben receiving all the pains and ills that the survivors are being healed for. Locke was in a wheelchair and the island healed him. Now Ben is in the wheelchair. The one woman from the first season, she had a tumor and the island healed her from the tumor. Did Ben get that tumor? The only thing that I am not sure about is this; did Ben have the tumor BEFORE the plane crashed? Is that why he was so interested in Jack being on the plane? I think I heard on one of the episodes that he had the tumor for quite awhile. Of course, my theory goes out the window if the tumor was present before the plane crash.

That is where you all come in.

Did Ben have the tumor BEFORE or AFTER the plane crashed?

…oh and on another tangent.

Do you think Locke burned down Hurley’s paper box company?


  1. That episode of LOST was amazing. As far as Ben's tumor, he did mention that he had a spinal tumor and then a spinal surgeon crashed on the island.

    But, the crash fits the fact Ben stated the island has a "big box" that anything you can imagine will just show up. Ben needed Jack so the island brought Jack to him.

    (Okay, I'm a huge LOST fan.)

  2. Very interesting theory Stef! It has some merit to it. There has to be a balance so it makes sense if one thing is taken away something would pop up somewhere else. I'm not sure about this box thing though. I don't trust what Ben says!

    As far as Locke burning down the box co.... that is possible and wouldn't surprise me.

    Glad to see that they finally told us Claire is Jacks half sister.... makes me wonder sometimes though if they are writing future episodes based on speculations of the LOST fans and message boards!

  3. Beth, I think you are right about Ben having the tumor before the plane crash. I think it was mentioned before how they needed a surgeon and the best one just happened to be on the plane.

    You do have a point there Amber. Sometimes it seems like the ideas for the episodes come from the LOST message boards. Although, Jack and Claire were pretty much a given since we knew Jack’s dad was a visitor of Claire’s mom. You really do have to watch every second it seems so that you don’t miss anything.

    I cannot wait until this Wednesday.

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