March 7, 2007

Hello Mojo!

It's back. Well it was 12 hours ago.

How sad is this? See this scrapbook page?

I started this page over one year ago at the Scrappay Diva's sleepover (or was it 2-years ago?) and finally finished it last night/early this morning. It was pretty much finished except I added the velvet flowers, doodling and journaling. Yikes! I even used my own handwriting!!! Even with just adding that little bit it still took me hours to complete. Now isn't that silly?

I have to tell you, I have many many pages in different stages of completion just stacked and hidden everywhere. I was actually going thru a stack of pages and pulling the completed ones to put in an album. I found that all my layouts had the pictures falling off the page. Some even fell off completely. I use the Hermafix tabs and even the Tombow permanent glue but they do not seem to stick on the Bazzil cardstock. I don't know what to do.

What adhesive do you find works best when sticking onto cardstock?

So instead of stressing over it, I decided to do something else and deal with the adhesive issue later. Well until you all tell me what glue I need to buy. LOL!

I decided to deal with this stack of unfinished layouts and other scrappy supplies that just seemed to have gotten lost in this ever-growing pile, once and for all. Instead of just moving the pile to a different spot, I decided to start from the top and actually complete these pages and put away the new scrappy items that are hiding in it.

So, the huge pile is gone - but now I have multiple piles. LOL! Not what I wanted to end up with. I have a huge pile of cardstock that needs to find a home. I also have a stack of unfinished layouts. I was getting tired and was afraid that the huge pile would get knocked over by my cat so I think breaking the pile down was the most logical. Now I just need to make myself complete these layouts before I do anything else. Wish me luck!

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