March 27, 2007

Heidi Swapp paint not American made :(

I know that a lot of American companies make their products overseas.

I notice that a lot of my scrapping products come from China. I understand that.

I really like the Heidi Swapp paint and even though it is more expensive than the Making Memories paint I buy it. Well I don’t think I will do so anymore.

I just found out that Heidi Swapp paint is made in India. I think I will be sticking with the Making Memories paint that is made here in the good ‘ole U. S. of A. You would think that if the product were made overseas then the price would be less than the product made in the USA. That is what we as consumers have been told. Actually, I think it is more that it keeps the COSTS down for the companies ~ that means more money in their owners’ pockets. I find it very interesting that the HS paint made in India is sold at a higher price than the paint made here, in America.

It is all so very sad.

P.S. ~ You know I read what I wrote above and all I can think is “bitter much”? I guess I am. I must be at the anger stage. It has been exactly one month since I have lost my job to outsourcing. I guess what makes it really hurt is that the people that have taken over the jobs are the same people we worked with everyday. When you get to know someone enough to get wedding invites to travel to India, it makes it hard. Yeah, I think I am at the anger stage. So what comes next? What is after anger?

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