March 13, 2007

What a day!

Today started out normal enough. I dropped B off at work and I had a few errands to run. Nothing too big as it was one of B’s short workdays. I also did not want to do much driving around as one of our tires sprung a leak. We have low profile (read: expensive) tires on the car. These tires came with the car and we have just replaced them as needed. Well I have never had to replace so many tires and at $100 bucks a pop, they are not cheap! These tires are always getting nails stuck in them. In fact, they probably all have nails in them right now. We know for sure that the back tire has a huge nail but so far, it has not lost any air. We were surprised to see one of the newer tires had multiple nails. It was losing air and we did not know if we could get it patched.

So after dropping off B, I went to Job Services to finish a test and chitchatted a bit with my case manager and my uncle, who also works there (YAY Me for having family ALL over the place!).

Then I was able to get the tire patched (Thanks Dad!) pretty quickly by taking it to a place my Dad told me to – someone he has taken his cars to in the past. I think it also helped that he met me there. It was going to be an almost 3-hour wait but the guy just went ahead and fixed my tire soon after I arrived.

Today was also the day I had to mail in my agreement to sever my working arrangement (read: gag-order). I don’t really know what to call it. I had to sign a legal form stating that I was let go and that I would get some money if I never ever said anything bad about my prior employer. So as of today….I am NO longer employed. :( Want to hear something weird? I worked there exactly 7.5 years to the day.

After mailing my packet, I decided to stop of to get a drink before heading over to pick B up from work. I was in the drive thru, waiting. I put the car in park to grab something off the floor and could not get the car OUT of park!!! I was stuck there right in the middle of the drive thru. I was so embarrassed!!! They had to close down the entire drive thru for about ½ hour until I got someone to check it out (Again….Thanks Dad!). Luckily, it was easily fixed and I was only one hour late picking B up from work. Yeah, he was not too happy but what could I do?


  1. My goodness, you had quite a day! Hopefully today will go much more smoothly for you. :)

  2. oh CARS! they can be frsutrating and so expensive...but, we can't ride horses anymore can we? I hope your poor car starts cooperating with you soon! have a lovely day!

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