March 5, 2007


I have wanted to change the template on my blog for months now but I never seemed to find one that I liked. So I finally edited my old template and I still was not happy. When I switched to my last template I really really missed the white background. But I lived with it because I just LOVED the photo I used at the top of the blog. I could never find a new template that would work with such an odd sized photo.

Well things are different now. No more gorgeous photo. And surprisingly for someone that really only likes the 2-column templates, I really like how this 3-column template looks. So right now it is basic but I hope to spice it up a bit in the near future.

So what do you think? Is it too busy? I am going to change the colors around (you know the links and stuff). I kind of have an idea but what colors do you think would look good? I just know that the grey has got to go.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! It's so bright now! I think it's fun to change it up a bit every now and then. Love your online gallery too!

  2. Oh, BTW, are you loving this wind? I am....NOT!

  3. Thanks so much Stefanie. I think I am really happy with the change. :)

    I hear ya about the wind! It is a bit too much. Just when you think it has died down some it just starts all over again.

    There are a couple of huge black plastic garbage bags stuck up in the trees next door. Not a pretty site but I don't know if anyone can reach up to take them down.

  4. I like it! Very clean lines and easy to read.

    The wind down here has been atrocious! I am so glad I don't live in tornado alley - I am scared enough as it is!

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