March 10, 2007


Last night B and I (along with my nephew) went to see the My Chemical Romance concert up in Phoenix. I have been waiting to see this show since I bought the tickets back in January. We had such awesome seats in the first section by the stage. We were supposed to be in the 8th row but ended up sitting in the 7th row. I have NEVER been so close to a stage before! I just wish I could have snuck in my camera as others were able to do.

As for the show, the band played all their songs in order off of "The Black Parade", as The Black Parade. Talk about theatrics! There were flying balloons, confetti and lots of fire. Being so close to the stage, we could feel just how hot those flames were.

The show was AWESOME!!! MCR really do know how to put on a show and the encore lasted forever!

And so did the ride home. I drove us up to the show but on the way back home, I got sick and B had to drive. We even stopped a couple of times on the way. I have not been sick like this in YEARS! We got home somewhere around 2:30am and I think I finally felt well enough to sleep around 4:30am. I still have a bit of a headache even now but I am feeling much better than last night.

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