March 29, 2007

My car needs a vacation

My poor car has been thru so much!!

From getting the bumper crunched to the license plate stolen, to being stolen itself.

Now, it has been in it’s first official wreck.

On Tuesday, poor B was in an accident on his way to work. He barely even got down the street before the car was hit by a man on a bicycle. B said that the guy was okay but since he was on a bicycle they had to take him to the hospital. We have not heard any updates on his condition.

The entire back driver's side window is shattered and we can barely open the door to get in or out of the car.

The claim's adjuster has been out to take pictures twice. She came out on Tuesday but lost the pictures so she had to come back out today. I don't know when we will get it fixed as our deductible is $500.00 and as you know....I don't even have money for rent. :(

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  1. So sorry to hear about the accident! Just glad your honey is ok! Hope everything works out. :)

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