September 13, 2004

Books I have recently read

I have not updated anything in quite awhile. It is just good to get away from a computer once in awhile. Since my job is working on a computer I can go days without turning on the computer at home. I usually just turn it on once a week to download email.

So during my time away from the computer this week I read a few books. Click on the links to read more about them.

First I finished reading Between Friends
by Debbie Macomber.

This books was pretty interesting as it told the story about 2 best friends but it isn't written like a regular book. It is a collection of their letters and announcements to each other and to their family. I plan on reading more books from this author and have one on hold at the library now.

Another book I read this weekend was The Shapechanger's Wife
by Sharon Shinn. (no picture for this one). This was a sci-fi book (had to get away from the romances LOL!). This was a short book and had a nice story to it. So far this is the second book I have read by this author. I like her so far and have another I have been saving to read but it is a thick one and I have not really decided yet if the title is one that I would enjoy.

The last book I finished since my last update was Pink Slip Party by Cara Lockwood.

Now this was a funny book. The main character works for a company that creates pink slips. She is then laid off. The story follows her as she tries to make it with no money and no job. I pasted the book description below:

She's been handed her walking papers.

Jane McGregor has just been laid off from her job designing pink
slips for an office supply company. The irony is not lost on her. She's a
twenty-eight-year-old art major whose last major career accomplishment was
propositioned by the company vice president. Desperate to maintain her
from her oddball parents, tyrannical older brother, and slacker
Jane starts sending out resumes. So what if some of them
aren't exactly, well,

She's taking the future in stride.

When Jane's dad, a staunchly conservative believer in the corporate
dream, loses his job, and her mom goes to work for a trendy dot com, Jane
discovers that the family she's taken for granted is unraveling. After a
lay-off victim hatches a plot to seek revenge on the office supply
company, Jane
must choose between living in the past and seeking out a new
future. To her
surprise, that future might involve a most unlikely partner
in crime --
handsome, funny Kyle Burton -- and maybe, just maybe, a new job,

Unfortunately this is the only book by this author at my local library so either I need to buy her others or hopefully the library will take the suggestion I entered to get more books written by her.

B. always asks me if the only books I read are by women. I find this funny since I have alot of books we bought on our shelves that are written by men. He likes to look at the pile of books I have out from the library and make comments such as this one. Well the only comment he ever makes is that all the authors are women. Of course I am trying to point out quite often that the book I am currently reading was written by a man. It has been in the pile for awhile but I guess he has never noticed it.

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  1. And you read. And romance novels as well. I'll have to read the Debbie Macomber one, I like books that are written like that. You might like The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot (I think that's the title). It's all done through email and it's very funny.

    Nora Roberts is my favorite author. After that, I would say Mil Millington.

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