September 1, 2004

The first day of September...

Welcome to September.

September did not start very well for me. I still have not turned over my calendar and I think I may just wait on that awhile. I am SO ready for a weekend. A 4-day weekend!!!! It cannot come soon enough - only it means I will have to be at home which is part of why September did not start very well. LOL! But such is life.

It is taking me the whole day just to write this. My goal is to be funny but my life is not that interesting. The most interesting thing to happen so far today is that we threw an entire box (one that can hold 65 pounds - don't know the size) of paper balls on our manager. It is paperball war over here. It will go on until someone gets mad and calls OSHA (which has happened before). Can you believe a business that has a BAN on throwing paper balls? Well that guy was fired years ago and it has been a plethora of things (paper airplanes, balloons, rubber bands - you name it) flying thru the air. Well I better go.

Oh.....and I still have not changed over the calendar.

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