September 8, 2004

Tired today

I am so tired today. It is my own fault though. I started a new book last night and it was not one that I could find a good place to stop. The whole book is written as if two friends and families are writing letters to each other. It is an interesting concept. The link should be on the right side bar. It is called Between Friends by Debbie Macomber.

As for books the last one I read was Ruby by V. C. Andrews.

I don't think I have read this particular series from her (well from her family of writers since she is dead and the books was written after her death). It was an okay book. Not as dark as other books of hers I have read.

It seems the only time I can update my blog is while I am at work. I feel so guilty taking a break. I never take a break anymore and I always seem to decide to take one when people are walking by so it looks like I am slacking. I seem to find that more and more I don't even turn on the computer at home unless it is the weekend. Spending over 10 hours a day at the computer at work seems to be enough for me. I remember when I could never get enough of the computer. *Ü*

Did you see my weather pixie? She is on the right sidebar. You can get one too. Just go to

I am wondering if I should post (for myself) a listing of what I eat during a day. I am wondering if that will keep me accountable to what I put in my mouth. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I will have to think on this one.

What a jumble of stuff I have written today.
URGH!!! This is taking me over an hour to post!!!!!

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  1. Okay. This is just weird. Blogger gives you the opportunity to have more than one blog so I set one up for myself where I keep track of what is going on with my whole weight loss thing. It's helping me to be a lot more accountable than weight watchers did, simply because it's on the internet.

    So, anyway, not trying to stalk, just thought it was funny that I've gone "Oh, well, I have to comment on that as well" on 3 posts so far. Have a nice day.

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