September 20, 2004

Darn weatherman!!!

Saturday we were woken up around 4am by thunder so loud it made everything shake. My neighbor said it even moved his AC unit. It was the type of thunder and lighting that freaks me out that even though I have a surge protector I always end up unplugging the computer. The rain (tons of it) and thunder lasted the entire day. We were expecting this since we had Hurricane/Tropical Storm Javier coming thru. This was not the actual storm but the pre-storm as it was explained by the weathermen on t.v. Well these same weathermen also predicted that we would be hit on Sunday by the actual hurricane/tropical storm and everything (water, wind and thunder) would basically be doubled. Even the websites I visited confirmed this. Well talk about a let down. Even with an 80% chance of rain on Sunday we did not get a single drop. We also did not get any rain this morning (Monday) as was predicted. Now it is all hot outside. That is one of the bad things about living in the desert. If we are told it will rain it better rain!!! I cannot even find any new information regarding this tropical storm. I guess it is no longer a storm. I guess I should be happy it is not raining. When it rains my favorite thing to do is to sit by the window and read. I hate when it rains and I am at work. My weather pixie even shows that it is nice and clear. What a bummer.

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