September 1, 2004

Mama said..."Don't poke your eye out"

The funniest just thing happened. While throwing handmade paper airplanes here at work, we all were joking about hitting people in the eye or something. Well the guy next to me was cutting off the tips of the airplanes so they were not so sharp. He mentioned this to the guy making the airplanes and he thought it was a good idea. So he starts to cut the tip off of a new airplane at the same time the guy next to me throws a paper airplane at him. He was commenting that we were right to protect people's eyes and right at that second he got an airplane right in the eye!!!!! His contact fell out (still has not found it) and he was laughing so hard he started crying and the other contact fell out. So remember the saying that someone may poke your eye out can come true!!!!

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